1. 1. We start with a conversation about what the purpose of the website is. During this conversation you will receive information about the possibilities. We also talk about the design of the site.
  2. TastyMouse then makes a proposal with cost calculation
  3. Then we start working on the design of the structure structure of the site and make a first draft sketch.
  4. If we agree on structure and design, the site will be realized. Usually this is done by means of a Content Management System.
  5. When the site is ready, it becomes accessible to the public.
  6. The site is now active. You can change the content yourself in the CMS. This CMS also offers the possibility to expand the site. You can do that yourself or this can be done by TastyMouse, a separate quote is made for this.

    The CMS does require maintenance. Regular (safety) updates are available. TastyMouse offers a maintenance contract for this.